You're an inspiration to everybody! Thank you for your generous spirit and God Bless!

~ Vernette Lopez, Class 95FM Deejay (18 June 2004)

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  • Recently, I achieved another honours for my oral communications examination in a private course, the fifth straight time I have done so. But strangely... communication skills seem not to serve me well in school. Based on the comments made by my various English Language teachers, some of the knowledge I attained from 'professional' t
  • Two days before I was due to take my first paper for the O level examinations, my father asked if he could talk to me about something. I asked: "Is it urgent or relevant to the examinations?" "No," he replied. "Then, it can... ...wait," I told him. "I want to relax now." Immediately after my last paper, he asked again. Sensing that it might be imp
  • I was recently appointed a Youth Fellow by MindChamps in recognition of my achievements and "champion mindset". The latter is something developed... over the years through training and exposure to both the good and bad things in life. I am grateful to many people who have touched my life - some have taught me to be strong, some have given me stren
  • Had I a magic wand, I'd use it to... ...change the behaviour of some people. Let me start with the "green man" at the traffic junctions. I have nothing against the green man. But I do not like the way some pedestrians act when the green man lights up, making their way across the road slowly and casually as if they are strolling in the park. It doe
  • Flying? Leave me out. I have been terrified of air travel since I watched a plane crash on the news many years ago. My parents offered to take me on overseas holidays many times but I turned them down because I'd rather be safe on the ground. However, I am beginning to realise that it is dangerous on the ground, too. Travelling in a car can be...

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