I had a wonderful experience recently and could not wait to tell my Dad.When he returned home on that day, I could not contain my excitement…

“Dad! Dad!” I exploded. “I had the most amazing encounter just now!”

“What was it?” he responded without much enthusiasm.

“When I was at Junction 8 this afternoon, I found $100 and a note addressed to me.”

I showed him the $100 to make what I said more believable.

Looking incredulous, he asked with more energy, “What did the note say?”

“To Jeremy. Here’s $100 for you. It is in appreciation of the good job you have done for NKF.”

Smiling, he asked, “Is that what really happened?”

“No,” I said. “If I told you the truth, you would not believe me.”

Would you, the reader of this journal entry, believe me if I tell you the truth?

I met a charming old lady on 7 July 2004 at Junction 8 food court. She was excited meeting me as she had read about me and saw me on TV many times. Whiile expressing her admiration for my courage and determination, she held on to my hands tightly. What she said from her heart made my day.

Later, while I was having lunch, she approached me again and gave me $100. It was a lot of money to me but I could not accept it. I did not feel right as her compliments had already put me on cloud nine. Moreover, I thought there were other children who needed the money more. Therefore, I suggested to her to donate the money to the NKF Children’s Medical Fund. I was delighted that she agreed.

A week has passed and I still have her in my mind and heart. Thanks, Mdm Yong Ngook Lian of Tai Keng Avenue, for being so nice. You can also be Mdm Yong. Support the NKF Children’s Medical Fund Charity Show by calling 1900-112-8888 (1 call), 1900-112-8833 (3 calls) or 1900-112-8855 (5 calls.).

I believe that an act of charity, no matter how small, will be returned to you someday.