On 4 October 2004, I was asked to welcome some stars of the American Idols when they visited the chronically ill children at the Shaw/NKF children’s ward at the National University Hospital (NUH).

As the Young Ambassador for the National Kidney Foundation Children’s Medical Fund (CMF), I have many duties. These include helping the less fortunate by creating awareness of the fund and acting as its PR officer…

The seven ‘idols’ were in Singapore for a one-night only performance at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. As part of their tour here, they visited the ward to put smiles on the faces of those children at the hospital for medical treatment.

It was really a whole new experience for me meeting a group of celebrities who flew from United States of America, about halfway around the world, just to visit Singapore. Boy, was I thrilled!

On that day, I rushed to the NUH after school. Although school ended early, I arrived just in time. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be for me to be late even if it is fashionable to be late.

At the hospital, my mom and I met up with the lovely NKF staff who showed us to the conference room where the officials and the patients were awaiting the stars’ arrival. The ill children were so energised that they seemed to have forgotten their pain.

Before long, the stars arrived. With them were the ever present photographers who were furiously clicking away to record every memorable moment. While the cameramen were stuck to them like glue, the rest of us were attracted to the stars like bees to honey.

The idols sang earnestly to the patients. It was indeed a touching moment for those who had the opportunity to witness it. They also cracked some very funny jokes and interacted with everyone present.

As the idols moved from room to room, I weaved in and out of the crowded hallway packed with excited people. While performing my duties, I took the opportunity to fill out my autograph book. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I managed to bag all six signatures of the VIP visitors.

You may be wondering. Six signatures? There were seven idols, weren’t there?

Well, Fantasia Barrino, the missing idol, was not able to make the trip because she was ill. What a pity! She had to miss the great time her friends had.

All too soon, it was time for them to leave. As their coach rolled down the road and disappeared round the corner, I waved them goodbye with a tinge of sadness in my heart. Time seems to fly when you are having fun.

Nevertheless, I am glad that our paths crossed as they are among some of the nicest, friendliest and loveliest people I have met.

To the idols and their entourage, thanks for the beautiful memory which the patients and I will always treasure. I wish all of them everything they wish themselves.