My mother told me that she got tickets to the Gala Premiere of “The New Police Story” for that very evening! That might not sound like much. However, I was delirious with joy when she revealed that Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu – the stars of the show – were making a guest appearance!

My heart skipped a beat when I received a piece of news from my mother on 23 September 2004 at 4.00pm. I thought to myself: “It was unbelievable. How could it be? It could not be true, could it?”

No, no one had an accident. Neither was I going to have another sibling…

Since I watched my first Jackie’s movie, I was spellbound by his breathtaking stunts. From then on, I was hoping to meet the star in person because I thought and still think he is great.

My parents and I were at Lido Cineplex at 7.00pm, two hours before Jackie’s scheduled arrival. When Jackie appeared at 9.00pm, the lobby outside the movie theatre was packed with people trying to get a glimpse of the stars. Luckily, the area was cordoned off so that the stars, more importantly me, would not be crushed. I must admit that the barricades were to protect the stars, not me! You already knew about it? You must be clairvoyant!

Anyway, when Jackie approached me, I could not contain my excitement. My dream of meeting him finally materialised. My heart was pumping so fast that I was afraid it might stop working. Thank God, it didn’t!

Jackie and I exchanged some pleasantries and he asked me: “Do you like my movies?”

My response which I could still remember vividly: “I am your greatest fan!

“Sure?” he asked with a pleasing smile.

“Of course!” I replied.

Jackie was delighted and he obliged me with his autograph. In the meantime, we were repeatedly ‘shot’ by photographers. They were jostling one another for a better angle. My father was among them. I saw him being shoved while trying to get a shot of the two stars – not Jackie and Daniel but Jackie and me!

Soon the two stars – one a famous actor and the other…ahem – had to part. Jackie joined the other officials and MediaCorp artistes while my parents accompanied me to the theatre to watch the movie.

Now, it is time for me to be a movie critic.

This action-packed movie deserves a four and a half star rating. Why? The show tops all his previous Hollywood productions in terms of plot, action and suspense. It has a good cast comprising actors and actresses who play their roles very well. ‘Vintage’ Jackie is also at his best performing his trademark death-defying stunts.

However, as compared to his other movies, the show lacks humour. A little more antic by the cast will draw more laughter and liven up the audience. Perhaps, it will give the movie a higher rating. If you have not watched the movie, buy, beg or borrow a DVD or VCD and watch it!

Back to my short meeting with daredevil Jackie. He is effervescent, friendly and obliging. I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to see him in person.

Of course, I owe a debt of gratitude to Michelle Ang for making the memorable experience possible. Without her arrangements, my dream of meeting Jackie will just be that – a dream.

Thanks, Michelle!