As the Young Ambassador of the NKF Children’s Medical Fund, I am privileged to interact with officials of the organisation in numerous occasions and see them working tirelessly for the less fortunate in our society. I, on behalf of all CMF beneficiaries, salute them for their hard work and sacrifices which have alleviated innumerable sufferings and miseries.

I reproduce the content of a letter of from my parents to Mr Richard Yong, Chairman of NKF, to share with you the reason for the smooth-running of the organisation – the people.

“We would like to put on record our appreciation to all of you at NKF for the recognition accorded to Jeremy at the NKF Children’s Medical Fund Charity Show on 18 July 2004 for his contribution to the Children’s Medical Fund and us for our support.

All of you, from your goodself, Ms Lee Seok Tin, Dr Gerard Chuah, the CMF Board members, Mr TT Durai to the ground staff, have been very kind to Jeremy. The opportunity and the friendship given to him have boosted his self-esteem tremendously.

Our association with NKF has also been beneficial to us. It has given us invaluable insight into the way all of you work. Simply put, we are impressed!

While the staff are hardworking and well trained, the leaders are capable, committed and farsighted. All of you have topped your outstanding qualities with your friendliness, humility and sincerity which touch even the chronically-ill children.

Keep up the GREAT job! We assure you of Jeremy’s and our continued support.”

The people at NKF, who are so involved in helping others, seldom get the recognition and thanks they deserve. I hope they know that their work is appreciated by many although it is rarely expressed.